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Jun 10

These Wild Hills – Fur Trapping (3)

The first episode of this outdoor sportsman’s show features master trapper John Hopple as he traverses in and around the Black Hills of western South Dakota. We follow John as he tracks, traps and removes problem species and varmint. In the third segment John heads to the field to scout for areas to set his trap line.

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Mar 07

South Dakota Preppers Roll Call – All Preppers Please Check In

The American Preppers Network is conducting a network-wide roll call.  Whether you are a member or not please check in and let us know what you are doing to prepare.

This is a good opportunity to network with other preppers near you.

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Feb 27

It’s Coming – “If You Believe It Or Not, It Doesn’t Matter”

Internet radio host Charlie McGrath of Wide Awake News warns that for those looking for a singular set of events that presage a paradigm shift into the far-from-equilibrium event we could refer to as “collapse,” then simply pay attention to what’s going on around the world and right here at home. Though we’ve previously discussed that the collapse occurred in 2008 and we are in the midst of the big bang’s explosion as of right now, history will mark certain events as having been the defining moments that changed the world as we know it. These events will often times play out in perceptively slow motion because we’re living them minute-by-minute and:
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Jan 13

Do you think this Constitution-loving is getting out of hand?

It may be in the best interests of the country for those representing us in the Federal government to not only read the Constitution every time a new Congress convenes, but to take a preliminary pass or fail assessment prior to their their names being added to the ballot.

Joy Behar and Bill Press discuss Republicans’ announcement that the Constitution will be read when the new Congress is convened:

Behar: Do you think this Constitution-loving is getting out of hand? I mean, is it a nod to the Tea Party? What is this about, exactly? And, Is it the first time a lot of congressmen will have heard about it, read it?

Press: First of all, I think on the one hand, it’s hooray for Hollywood. It’s just a so obvious – publicity stunt. I gotta tell you there could be some benefit here, because I think most Republicans haven’t read the Constitution, to be honest. I hope they listen carefully. There’s some good stuff in there about the right of privacy they probably never heard before. There’s something in there that says only Congress can declare war, not a President of the United States. I bet they never heard of that before.

Behar: Probably never did.


Ms. Behar’s questioning of the reading of the Constitution in Congress comes on the heels of another mainstream media analyst who takes issue with Constitution loving. MSNBC’s Ezera Klein recently said, “the issue of the Constitution is that the text is confusing and was written more than one hundred years ago.” According to Ezra, people don’t read the text of the document and believe they’re following something that isn’t actually in it.

One example of someone who may or may not have read the document is Bill Press who seems a bit confused himself. He is apparently unaware that no such “right to privacy” is defined in the Constitution. Our founding document does, however, provide protections in the fourth amendment so that the people are secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures without probable cause or a warrant. It seems neither Joy Behar, Bill Press, DHS chief Janet Napolitano, or President Obama read that particular portion of the Constitution when they were supporting and/or implementing new security screening procedures at the Nation’s airports. The California Supreme Court itself may have failed to read the founding documents, as evidenced by a recent decision which claims law enforcement has the right to search the cell phone of anyone taken into custody when placed under arrest in the state. Examples like this pervade our country and lead to thousands of Constitutional violations by federal and state officials every day.

While it can’t be denied that many of the Republicans in Congress are in it to make a show of the reading of the Constitution, We the People are somewhat bemused that our politicians didn’t think of it sooner, especially when you consider that Congressional representatives take an oath which specifically says:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States.”

It may be in the best interests of the country for those representing us in the Federal government to not only read the Constitution every time a new Congress convenes, but to take a preliminary pass or fail assessment prior to their their names being added to the ballot. The assessment would simply ask potential House and Senate candidates to match the amendment number with what it actually says. We could even standardize the test with multiple choice answers to ensure the test is culturally and socially sensitive.

When you take an oath to support or uphold something, it’s usually a good idea to understand what that entails.

Author: Mac Slavo
Date: January 5th, 2011
Visit the Author’s Website: http://www.SHTFplan.com/


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Dec 29

Doomsday Fear Mongers Get It Right Again

By now, you’ve likely come across the recent 60 Minutes segment titled State Budgets: Day of Reckoning. If you have yet to view it, you can do so below.

Millions of Americans who have been told that our economy is now in a period of recovery may be surprised to learn that most states are so broke that they are left with no other choice but to cut spending on literally everything. Governor Christie of New Jersey is, according to 60 Minutes, the canary in the mine:

We spent too much on everything. We spent money just crazily. The credit card’s maxed out. It’s over. It’s over.

For readers of this web site and other alternative news and contrarian outlets this report was to be expected. We’ve been reporting on, and our readers have been contributing their insights via comments for quite some time – at least a couple of years now – about the fundamental problems facing our country. For those who have questioned their own sanity, or have had their sanity questioned by friends and family when trying to spread the message of preparing for the Greatest Depression, Governor Christie just proved that you’ve been right all along:

Where am I getting the money? I don’t have it. I literally don’t have it.

It’s not like you can avoid it forever because it’s here now. We all know it’s here. And the Federal government doesn’t have the money to paper over it anymore either for the states. The day of reckoning has arrived. And it’s going to arrive everywhere.

Unlike the federal government, states don’t have the ability to issue debt and print as much money as is needed via the digital presses at the Federal Reserve. They are left with no choice but austerity measures via spending cuts. And, as Charlie McGrath pointed out recently, Austerity will hit America like an Eight Pound Sledgehammer.

Earlier this year, we discussed the Collapse of Dysfunctional States as Another Step To The Federal Bubble Detonation, and according to mainstream reports as of late, we’re well on our way to complete destruction of the way of life as we have come to know it in our spend and consume society.

If you thought the housing bubble was bad, consider what financial analyst Meredith Whitney has to say about state and local governments. Take note that it was Whitney who blew the doors open on the problems in housing and the excessive leverage in the banking system – which led to the collapse that has left us where we are today. And while investment houses and ratings agencies are still promoting municipal bonds as a great way to preserve wealth, you might want to sleep on Whitney’s latest comments before you go all in:

It has tenticles as wide as anything I’ve seen. I think next to housing this is the single most important issue in the United States and certainly the largest threat to the US economy.

When asked why no one is doing anything about it, Whitney provides an answer that is as true today as it was before the housing bubble pop:

Because they don’t pay attention until they have to.

It is only at the precipice of disaster that people, especially politicians and vested interests, are willing to change.

The worst thing about all of this, is that, as Meredith Whitney suggested, the states will likely find a solution to their problems. Our view is that this solution will come down to massive, unprecedented bailouts from the Federal government. Not billions – not trillions more will be printed.

We maintain our previous forecast, though we can’t put a specific timeline on it, that the collapse of state governments will eventually lead to the largest bubble detonation in history – financier George Soros refers to it as the Super Bubble and trend forecaster Gerald Celente calls it the Government Bubble:

How long will this be?

It’s hard to say, but in terms of the states, we’re likely looking at sooner rather than later. States are already broke, with California, Illinois and New Jersey already showing serious fiscal strain. In the near future we’ll begin seeing states requesting bailouts directly from the federal government. Eventually, we suspect that the majority of states will be standing in the welfare line looking for hand outs.

For now, the US dollar remains fairly strong given our economic problems. In fact, any time a financial emergency spreads across the globe, investors seem to be running to US bonds for safety, so there is still confidence in the US government’s ability to service our existing debt.

However, we believe that once the states begin to require federal involvement to pay government workers, emergency responders and pensioners, we will be much closer to a serious collapse of not only our economic system, but the monetary system as well. It’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world realizes that we’re completely broke and takes action accordingly.

The states blew a government spending bubble, and that bubble is about to pop. The federal debt bubble will not be far behind.

Naturally, there will be skeptics. In fact, most are skeptical of the possibility of a complete collapse of the US Dollar and our way of life, but it is in process as we speak.

Just like the states, the federal government will soon be on the precipice.

Meredith Whitney says that municipal bond defaults will start occurring in scores over the next 12 months. We’ll see what the federal government does, but our guess is more bailouts – hey it worked before!

But who will bail out the $150 Trillion (official figure) government debt bubble?

Any takers?

Yeah, we didn’t think so.

Author: Mac Slavo
Date: December 22nd, 2010
Visit the Author’s Website: http://www.SHTFplan.com/


Dec 14

South Dakota Wilderness training area?

by medic72 » Mon Dec 13, 2010 1:44 pm

i was checking out places in south dakota to go and do some wilderness survival on vacation and i came across this article.

i am going to post the original link so everyone can check out all the pictures etc.

Badlands Wilderness Area – South Dakota
Posted on September 17, 2010 by Adam
Answer: The largest undisturbed mixed prairie habitat remaining in the United States.

Question: What is the South Dakota Badlands Wilderness Area?

There’s more to South Dakota than Harley’s and the dynamite scarred mountainside of patriotism gone awry. Just 80 miles west of Rapid City lies the north unit of Badlands National Park. After paying the initial $15 for your seven day pass, drive past the full-service campgrounds and past the gridlocked viewpoints to the park’s best kept secret, the Badlands Wilderness Area.

Set aside by Congress in 1976, the Badlands Wilderness Area consists of 65k acres of pristine backcountry and is home to the bison, bighorn sheep, coyote, mule deer, prairie dog, and rattlesnake. After a short drive on the unpaved but car friendly Sage Creek Rim Road, park your car at the free, first come first serve Sage Creek Campground. Expect to find covered picnic tables and pit toilets but not much of anything else – it’s primitive and your only point of entry into the Wilderness Area.

Prior to starting any day hike or overnight trip you will need to sign the area’s register at the campground/backcountry boundary. All that is required is the general area of where you expect to hike and or camp as well as how long you intend on staying. It’s that simple. No camping fees, no permits, no trails…make a plan and go with it.

Naturally, navigation skills will be most critical so pack a detailed topo (trails illustrated – badlands national park) and compass. Be sure to pack in all of your water, there is no drinking water available in the campground or backcountry. Also, southwestern south dakota is subject to inclement weather and conditions can change rather quickly so pay attention to the sky and when looking for camp, do keep high winds, heavy rains, and violent electrical storms in mind.

Assuming your trip has been blessed by good weather, hold off on the shut eye. Clear air and minimal light pollution make the Badlands premier star gazing country. I didn’t care to count but park officials boast over 7500 stars, galaxies, star clusters, nebulae, planets, and moons are visible to the naked eye on any given night. Regardless, break out the peace pipe and get ready to ponder your place in the cosmos.

here s the original link to the website i found it on, the website itself looks pretty informative for gear etc.


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Sep 15

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The Preppers networks are all about volunteering our knowledge and skills with each other. We share ideas, tips and basically network with each other to survive any type of disaster whether natural, man made, or economic. Information that you learn and share with others will help everyone learn how to find “Freedom Through Teaching Others Self Reliance.”

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Jun 18

Thankfulness Betwixt Adversity

While Barry Soetoro continues to play golf 5 hours a day as “Rome burns”, Napolitano continues to peddle “homegrown terrorism” as the next bogeyman, the FCC continues it’s move towards regulating the Internet to silence all of us Constitutional bloggers and NASA is warning of impending doom from solar flares, I am enjoying a quiet day in the garden and continuing to plod along in preparation for “whatever” disaster the elitists may construct.
I am thankful for so many things. My family and my friends are what is important. They constantly challenge me to continue with all of our preparations and not give in to grief, worry or overwhelming sadness at what is going on in our country and our world.
Impending and looming war with Iran does not hinder my celebrating Fathers day with a homemade chocolate cake, from scratch, for a wonderful husband and father. Adversity from every direction only seems to highlight the beauty of what we all striving to preserve.
I wish you all a beautiful fathers day and summer solstice. Remember to take time to love and appreciate the things you are fighting for.
On the right of this page I’ve posted a few pics of our yard and our new chicks just so you can see what can be done even if you have a small place.
Keep on Preppin!

Obama hits golf course: http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/104313-obama-hits-golf-course-with-biden-on-another-hot-humid-weekend
Napilitano, internet monitoring needed to fight homegrown terrorism:
http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2010/06/18/napolitano-internet-monitoring-needed-fight-homegrown-terrorism/? utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+foxnews%2Fpolitics+%28Text+-+Politics%29
FCC in move to regulate internet:
Nasa warns of solar flares causing huge devistation:
Nasa warns solar flares from ‘huge space storm’ will cause devastation
Hillary Clinton Says White House Will Sue Over Arizona Immigration Law: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-503544_162-20008066-503544.html

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Jun 18

Debtors prison, Unemployment and the Agenda

As our economy sinks farther into the sewer and people are losing their jobs at record rates the best that our government and country can do for us is reinstate debtors prisons. I have seen article after article about folks getting thrown in prison for their inability to pay their bills. By 1833 America had abolished all debtors prisons but in the face of economic collapse and a depression which will be worse than the last one, it seems to be back in favor. A recent article in the Star Tribune in Minnesota titled, “In jail for being in debt,” exposes the growing number of citizens going to jail at the behest of banks and a welcoming judicial system. They write:
It’s not a crime to owe money, and debtors’ prisons were abolished in the United States in the 19th century. But people are routinely being thrown in jail for failing to pay debts. In Minnesota, which has some of the most creditor-friendly laws in the country, the use of arrest warrants against debtors has jumped 60 percent over the past four years, with 845 cases in 2009, a Star Tribune analysis of state court data has found.” The Constitution explicitly prohibits incarceration for failure to pay debts. However, the way the states are getting around this is by having a judge issue a court order to pay the debt. If this order is ignored, it then qualifies as a civil contempt of court. At which point, the judge becomes a literal dictator with the ability to imprison a person indefinitely for the violation.

What are all those people out of work, out of any unemployment benefits and out of hope going to do? Here is an article that that ties in with this issue. Out-of-work job applicants told unemployed need not apply: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Outofwork-job-applicants-told-cnnm-3498252371.html?x=0

So you are out of work, out of unemployment benefits, can’t pay your bills and then you find out that employers are refusing to look at you application because you are out work. And to add even more burden to your shoulders, Barry Soetoro plans to go ahead with his cap and trade legislation which will put even more pressure on your already empty wallet and tax every facet of your life. Obama Plans To Sneak Through Carbon Tax By Stealth

I know a lot of you readers listen to Alex Jones. I do. I need to say that his dismissal of the enormity of this devastation on the gulf is puzzling and disturbing. He keeps saying that its a distraction. I partly agree. The media whores are doing their part to feed the voyeur, soap opera addiction of the common viewer. However, it is also true that this is so potentially devastating that it could change things drastically for many, many years. Rahm Emannuel said in November 2008, “Never let a serious crisis go to waste, it’s an opportunity to do things you couldn’t do before” and they will obviously use this disaster to further their plans but my question is: why not cover it more and EXPOSE it? If this is just a distraction to keep people from seeing “the man behind the curtain” and the coming war with Iran (or whoever they choose to be the new bogeyman) then surely he could use his ‘huge’ audience and influence to derail their agenda? For instance, we know that the air is toxic, the COREXIT is toxic, and the media is being turned away by “hired mercenaries” see
Air tests from the Louisiana coast reveal human health threats from the oil disaster http://www.southernstudies.org/2010/05/air-tests-from-the-louisiana-coast-reveal-human-health-threats-from-the-oil-disaster.html and
BP hires private security contractors to guard ‘black water’ http://rawstory.com/rs/2010/0615/bp-hires-private-security-contractors-guard-oily-beaches/.
Governor: National Guard staging for “effort to evacuate” communities impacted by oil spill http://www.floridaoilspilllaw.com/governor-national-guard-staging-for-effort-to-evacuate-communities-impacted-by-oil-spill
Surely that is newsworthy and covering it would wake more people up. Why not expose that our elected officials are impotent and incompetent? When you read a story like this one: BP tells cleanup workers they will be fired if they wear respirators http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2010/06/bp-tells-cleanup-workers-theyll-be.html
or this one:
BP Oil Spill: Against Gov. Jindal’s Wishes, Crude-Sucking Barges Stopped by Coast Guard http://abcnews.go.com/WN/bp-oil-spill-gov-bobby-jindals-wishes-crude/story?id=10946379
it just shows that BigGov.org does not care about the people or our country and that should be exposed and talked about with more fervor and intent than he seems willing to do. It seems to me that the more we talk about and expose the incompetence and agenda the more power we have to make changes.
Why don’t those elected officials call up THEIR STATES National Guard to protect their shores and take control? Because they have been castrated and no one is able to do anything unless they are told to or given the OK by our new lord and dictator BigGov.org
People can’t do anything without approval from someone else. They have lost the ability to think rationally and act independently.

Up is down, right is wrong and evil is the new messiah! Everywhere you look it just gets more and more crazy and in your face. I sure hope you are all redoubling your efforts to store food and supplies.
Keep on prepping folks!

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