Mar 07

South Dakota Preppers Roll Call – All Preppers Please Check In

The American Preppers Network is conducting a network-wide roll call.  Whether you are a member or not please check in and let us know what you are doing to prepare.

This is a good opportunity to network with other preppers near you.

South Dakota Preppers, to respond to the roll call please follow this link:

  • Reply to the Roll Call and let us know what you have been doing to prepare.

If you are not yet a member of the forum you can register here for free:


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  1. Jim

    Thanks for keeping us in touch! We’re still prepping and the help of others is certainly helpful. I like to hear what others are doing.

    1. Anisah

      Jim are you in S.Dakota? I don’t see anyone other than you & me posting! (Umi is a nickname my kids gave me yrs ago).

      1. Ash

        loriann12First I didn’t watch the season oneepr, darn, missed it. I have watched most of the other ones. I think they pick the wackiest, far out person they can find in order to make the rest of us look that way. I’m trying not to laugh at the people on the East coast who have been out of power for, what, 3 weeks now? I keep thinking Prepping doesn’t look that stupid, now does it? My MIL thinks I’m not trusting God by prepping. I tried to tell her about Noah, Jacob, etc. but it does no good. I want to say, when SHTF, don’t come to my house, I only have enough for my family.

        1. Anisah

          My household is prepping for not merely our family but also our faith community & our little town. We have lived by theory that the threat will not be some road-warrior type but desperate neighbors hungry and cold. So if you make sure your preps are designed to make “Stone Soup” for them as well, they will soon be part of your defenses protecting you & the stores from larger threats. Also Its our belief that you need a village to survive. The Single warrior mindset only works in Hollywood movies. You look at history & you find that it was when groups collectively worked together that people survive.

          The “homesteader” image isn’t quite true to today’s world. First off the old homesteaders had LOTS and LOTS of kids to be free labor. Even then they depended on the village blacksmith, miller and shoe maker to provide things they couldn’t make.

          So we don’t believe in “going it alone”. Plus living in South Dakota tends to each one just how much labor is involved just to survive a winter here.

          So we continue working to encourage our neighbors to be stocked up on foods and meds (we don’t use the term Prepping due to the stupid TV shoe editing stuff into bizarre perspective. Shamseer, like you I sort of laughed at the East coast suffering as they did. They were so into looking down their noses at other regions and thinking they were not at risk of natural disasters. They needed a reality check. Perhaps next time a blizzard or other event happens elsewhere knocking out power, their legislators will be a bit more willing to send govt funding & assistance now that they’ve experienced it.

          Prepping in my view is preparing. Its preparing for the possibilities that could rock the boat of our health, livelihood or standard of living. Our risks in South Dakota include Prairie fires, forest fires (if in the Black hills) Floods, tornadoes, earth quakes & blizzards when you look at natural events. But also we need to consider pandemics considering Ebola & the recent decision to deploy some of our troops to that region where its an epidemic & the viruses running around the country and causing so much concern for the safety of children & the weak and elderly. I also think other issues like economics and the price hikes in food & heating suppiies but NOT a hike in wages. These can create a harsh condition for the individual American family. Having foods and basic needs already stocked means one isn’t as heavily hit by these spikes or upsurges in prices.

          So in the end, let them think we’re nuts. In the end we will have the last laugh. And remember they laughed at Noah too, but he kept on building and when the rains came…. they weren’t laughing.

  2. Anisah of South Dakota

    I’m working to network with other South Dakotans interested in getting together once in a while to share information and skill training. If anyone in area of Eastern South Dakota are interested plz pm me and we can exchange emails.

  3. Umi

    Wondering if there are any emergency preppers in East RIver?

    I’m a grandmother, and I’ve been involved in food storage, food cultivation and natural medicinal/food identification. I’ve trained myself in tanning, fishing & trapping skills. As well weaving, spinning & textile skills. I’ve also studied horticulture & animal science. My husband is skilled in traditional blacksmithing (without electricity) but also has skills in making charcoal and can weld using pre-industrial methods. He’s also got skills in gunsmithing (mainly repair). We live in a small S.Dakota town & have worked with others in a network of friends & family to try to make sure that we have an emergency plan if it was necessary.

    I would love to communicate with others in S.Dakota who are working to build their prepper skills in S. Dakota.

  4. Anisah

    This is Anisah in eastern S. Dakota. Landscaping my place to be more of an edible/medicinal pharmacy of plants. Also testing my Off-the-grid capacity to deal with life. Organizing my “what-if” plans so that I’m able to cope with a variety of issues. Organizing my root cellar and building frugal solar collectors and “winterized” garden boxes that can extend my gardening even further. Building suitable protein sources and identifying wild foods in my area that are available for those who know where they are. Also mapping out the “who” and the “what” of resources so that I can slowly network with others (even non preppers) so that we have a group of ppl in case of emergencies that can come together and keep things going locally.

    Founded the South Dakota Sustainability Fair in 2012 and hoping that we can get enough involved this year to put it on again. Need VOLUNTEERS from the region who are also into Sustainability in all its facets. Also operate a blog about frugal living — another way to get the word out in my view.

    1. Shamseer

      You got it! That’s exactly the idea. I’m wnillig to share whatever I know, which admittedly isn’t anywhere as much as I’d like. But it’s sort of like having you along the journey with us if we pick up a new skill or some fun new equipment, I’ll blog about it. Sometimes just seeing other folks do something makes it a little less scary. I’m looking forward to what this new group does next. I’ll keep you updated.

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